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AMS Neve 1073N

Mic Preamp

It takes time to create a legend. Over the past 50 years, the 1073® has helped artists produce some of the finest music and will no doubt continue to do so for another 50+. From the creation of the Legendary A88 Wessex console, the first to be outfitted with 1073® modules, through to the 8014 and 8028 Sound City console, 1073 modules became an integral part of early Neve® console sound.

The 1073® gained legendary status through the late 70s and 80s as engineers began taking the 1073® modules out of old consoles housed in disused studios in order to create their own Neve preamp racks.
These early outboard units would accompany the engineer throughout their recording career as they travelled to various studios around the world.

The dedication and pride we take as a company, our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality parts from the UK and maintaining the spine of our engineering team from the 1960’s - has helped keep the 1073® the most desirable pre-amp on the market. Not only that, we have continued to advance - taking the 1073® technology and adapting it to meet the needs of the modern workflow, which is constantly changing.

AMS Neve 1073N
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